Lucky 7 Award!

Fellow writer, Jamila Gomez (http://www.jamilagomez.com) has honored me with the Lucky 7 Award! I am so honored by this acknowledgement but with it comes responsibility to honor others in the literary community. This award allows the recipient to showcase a little of their work, whether published or not, from a novel, poem, or other literary endeavor – even a work in progress.I know some of the award winners may be the same but that is merely a testament to how great their work really is!
As a winner, you are asked to go to page 77 of your literary work
line 7
and copy the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs into your post.
I have chosen the following to receive the Lucky 7 Award:
Poetic Designs – http://poeticdesigns.ning.com
Phoenix C Brown – phoenixcbrown.weebly.com
Stephanie N. Norris – stephaniennorris.blogspot.com
JdNm – urjdnm.wordpress.com
Jamila Gomez – jamilagomez.blogspot.com
Julia Press Simmons – http://www.jpsimmons.com
Andrew Rainey – http://www.wix.com/kissme80/the-book-of
From “Twisted Sister” – Coming May 2012

“Trent what are you doing, why are you doing this?” she asked, her voice hurried and quivering. He said nothing.

“Please Trent… don’t do this,” Holly begged.

Trent didn’t respond verbally. He walked faster…moving quickly with intention. He was pulling Holly along, giving her no choice but to move along with him. Holly was resisting but he was so much stronger than she was. He walked with purpose dragging her in the direction of a car Holly saw parked on the side of the building. Holly’s feet were barely grazing the gravelly alleyway. He was moving so fast and the pavement was so uneven Holly almost fell as Trent drug her holding on tightly. But he never broke his stride, ushering her along without missing a step. The fact that Trent wasn’t talking scared Holly even more. She didn’t know what to think…what he would do next? When Holly realized they were moving closer to the parked car, her heart began to race even more. She wasn’t sure what Trent had planned, but she knew she didn’t want to get into that car.

Holly ignored Trent’s threat and began to fight with everything she had, screaming at the top of her lungs.


But there was no one to hear her screams…

“Bitch! I told you not to say a motherfucking word!” Trent scolded, grabbing Holly up by her chin and pulling her face close to his. When Trent had lifted Holly’s face to him in the past he had been so loving and affectionate. Not this time…

Trent was talking between clenched teeth…the venomous spittle from his mouth landing on Holly’s frightened face. Holly was as shocked by Trent’s choice of words as she was by how irrational he was. He had done a complete 360 so unexpectedly. Holly was confused and frightened. And then out of nowhere, Trent placed his hand over her mouth, shoving her even more forcefully toward the back of the parked car.

Even though things were moving fast around her, and the alleyway was dark and dimly lit, Holly could see that the trunk of the car was already open. Trent had planned this down to the last detail. What was once fear was now terror, and Holly knew she had one chance… one chance to get away from this crazed man.


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