A little update…

I have to admit that sometimes I get so busy writing that I forget about blogging about the writing… lol. However, I am going to bring everyone up to speed as far as what is going on over here in the land of DDSG.

My birthday is coming up in just a few days, and I decided that the perfect gift to myself would be to put a few more stories out. I can only think of a few things that make me happier than writing… just a few. So instead of planning some elaborate party or spending time doing something that didn’t bring me nearly as much pleasure, I have been in the writing cave writing, writing and writing.

Part of the writing process is of course networking with other authors and one of the literary groups I belong to has been talking a lot about flash fiction. I don’t know if you are anything like me, but flash fiction was a new concept to me. So I listened to what the others had to say and did a little research to see what was going on with this ‘new’ genre. (Well at least new to me. What I learned is that flash fiction stories are short short stories of less than 1,000 words.

I thought the idea was interesting but wasn’t quite sure if it was for me. My daughter always teases me that I can’t write a short story because I talk so much and as quiet as it’s kept, I agreed with her for the most part.

But something about this flash fiction thing appealed to me. I knew it would be a challenge but I was wiling to give it a shot. And so I did!  First I had to come up with a story I felt I could tell in the word count that would have a beginning middle and an end. The more I thought about it, the less and less I came up with. And then out of nowhere it hit me! I had a story. So I wrote furiously for about an hour and it all flowed out so nicely. I have to admit I was really pleased with it.

So for my birthday, I am releasing three stories – one flash fiction, one short story, and one poetic short. I’m excited about it and I hope you will be too…

June 10th, I will be releasing Insatiable, the flash fiction story

June 11th, (my brother’s birthday), I will be releasing 16 doors, a poetic short story

June 12th, my birthday, I will be releasing 48 Hours a dramatic short.


I hope you all will celebrate my birth anniversary with me. The greatest gift is a gift to my readers. Your sharing in the experience with me is the best gift a writer girl like me could get!

I’m going to post the covers so you can see them…. I’m so excited!!!! Can you tell???


2 thoughts on “A little update…”

  1. D! I am so excited for you lady! You are an inspiration and truly a blessed person for anyone to cross paths with! I hope you celebrate your birthday as awesome as you are! xo & huggz!


    1. Thank you so much! I am so inspired by you as well. We have to continue to support each other as this journey has many twists and turns. Doing what you love is most important and I can bear witness to that! Again, thanks for all your encouragement and continued inspiration!

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