From the Outside In


From the Outside In by Deidra D. S. Green

“Will you come see me Ms. Denise?” Bridgette was 5. She wanted me to come and visit her in the hospital but I couldn’t. I had to go to court for my job and knew there would be no chance I could make it to the hospital before she was discharged. I hated to tell her ‘no’. She sounded so pitiful, so needy. I promised I would see her as soon as I could. I promised.

The next time I would see Bridgette, she would be in the hospital… again. This time she would be comatose. She had been beaten and assaulted almost to the point of death. She was so pitiful, so needy.

The next time I would see Bridgette, she would be lying in a small ivory casket, lined with ivory silk. Gold cherubs would adorn her new resting place. Neither the oversized Raggedy Ann Hat nor the morticians’ dime store makeup would hide her misshapen head and badly bruised face. She was so pitiful…

The pain of Bridgette’s death has haunted me for more than 15 years; wondering, ‘was there something she wanted to tell me?’ ‘If I had gone to the hospital that day, would things have ended up differently?’ ‘Is there anything I could have done to save her?’ Oh my God, the guilt!

Why the guilt, you ask? The answer to that question is really very simple. I was a social worker with a State agency. My job? Child protective services. Yes, as a social worker for the State, I was charged with the responsibility of protecting children; children who were abused and neglected… but I couldn’t protect Bridgette.

I was not the only one who felt a tremendous amount of guilt behind Bridgette’s death. I think my whole department did. Why? Bridgette’s mother was a social worker in our office. She worked in child protection. But somehow, her newest boyfriend was able to sadistically rape and brutalize her daughter right under her nose, and we didn’t know anything about it until it was too late. Here we are in the trenches, fighting to save all these other children and we couldn’t even save one of our own…

“From the Outside In”  is the story of my journey through the pain, guilt and discovery; my quest for the answers as to why my littlest friend had to die…

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4 thoughts on “From the Outside In”

  1. Looking forward to reading more. I want a signed copy ASAP…lol. love you sister and kiss those grown babies for me. I have some story ideas reflected gifts can help me with. Finally, I noticed a few typos…what do you think about me becoming a professional proofreader? Lol

    1. I would certainly like to know where the errors are so I can fix them! lol. Let me know when and where you want your autographed copy! Thanks for stopping by..

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