The Me You May Not Know


I am Deidra D. S. Green, author, poetess, and entrepreneur. What you will find on my homepage is a brief caption of some of my earliest works. The books listed on this page were the first projects I completed when the writing bug hit me. In the beginning I wrote fast and furiously. It seemed that no sooner than I was finished with one book, another one was stirring around in my psyche, keeping me up at night.

And then life happened, as it does to so many of us. I never became disenchanted with the writing – trust me there are several unfinished manuscripts on my computer as we speak, but I just couldn’t seem to find time for it; not between running my own business, Reflected Gifts, which is  a literary service, freelance writing, ghostwriting for clients, and being the mother of two growing and maturing children.

After a brief hiatus, I am back to writing for myself. I am taking great risk at the height of my freelancing career and taking time out to do what I love… write. My goal for this year (you know the resolutions we make when the ball drops on New Year’s) is to take those unfinished manuscripts and FINISH THEM! There are so many new stories waiting to be born that I can’t get to because I haven’t finished some of the things I have started. So here it goes. I am destined to make this work for me and I want you to join me for this tumultuous ride!

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